Briefly about us

It’s important to be calm, cloudy in the evening on a beautiful date. Who knows what such meetings can turn into. Our service will help you find that soul mate. There are many people in the database looking for serious and long-lasting acquaintances in Ukraine and Russia.

We did not create our resource just to organize fleeting meetings without a future. Thanks to our online friendship, we must be prepared for the vital path. To do this, we’re trying to create all the comfortable conditions.

The statistics are disappointing: this world is full of lonely people. We created this problem and created our service in order to correct the statistics, make people happy, help them in getting bride and making family comfort thanks to the free Ukrainian dating site.

Why choose our resource?

Now there is an unimaginable amount of resources. Such meetings do not end for the following reasons:

  • you had completely different plans for this meeting;
  • one of the correspondence partners turned out to be a scammer;
  • partner’s photo did not correspond to reality, you’ve been talking to a hot russian bride, but on you date you met a fat untidy granny;
  • others.

This is due to the fact that many of them are registered. Good reviews and statistics are the best indicators in this matter.

Many people trust our agency, as we are primarily guided by the trust of our visitors. We position ourselves as a reliable service for finding our soulmate. After you have completed the list of people looking for your life partner and mail order bride. You compose her virtual portrait and decided what you need.

If you are looking for a permanent serious relationship, then you need some success. What is your greater success rate? You share your desire to find something already long-term and strong. That will help you to find a russian bride without any problems.

Understand that everything can be done here so that people can accurately find a hot russian bride. Take a look at our website design, its device, and the quality of the content. We can also boast of our rich experience. Our team has excellent qualifications, judging by the reviews of registered users.

We try to help absolutely everyone. If you have any wishes when choosing a potential partner and finding a russian bride, or get a recommendation on getting to know you, you can dial our number and you can be sure that it’s real and getting a bride is an interesting and enjoyable event.


Internet is full of cunning tricksters, and that's a fact. It is impossible to predict where you can meet him: on a social network, in online games or on a dating site, as often happens. Unfortunately, they know how to play on the feelings of single people, take advantage of their position and commit their vile original intention.

Our service is trying to deal with scammers. Ask how? We strive to make our relations with customers not just trustworthy, but close. Without this factor, stopping fraud on the site is almost impossible.

Of course, we make a personal list of scammers, always check people immediately before registration, constantly monitor the site to track down an unscrupulous person, but, understand that this will not be enough to eliminate all scammers. Then you can come to our aid. If you suddenly notice something suspicious in a person (for example, it could be the content of his messages or some strange actions), then immediately inform us so that we can protect people from deception and disappointment. That’s so important for us, and should be important for you. So you save not only yourself, but also other users.

In addition to the most obvious reason - the continued growth in popularity - there are other psychological reasons. The fact is that in dating services it is much easier to talk to the interlocutor - because he was initially set up for communication and subsequent acquaintance. According to Alexei Raevsky, CEO of Zecurion, attackers choose apps and dating sites for that reason.

"If I mainly use social networks for work purposes, and someone starts to write to me or send me some links, then I will be wary of this. And if I registered on a dating site, it means that I am initially open I’m looking for acquaintances and waiting for some messages. Here, accordingly, the fraudster’s hands are untied, "Raevsky explains.

A similar point of view is held in Badoo. Dmitry Pozdnyakov, head of community development and localization of this service, notes: dating services are designed so that previously unfamiliar people can conduct a free dialogue. However, sometimes such imaginary freedom results in a loss of vigilance.

Who should be afraid of?

The statistics are slightly different from country to country: for example, in the United States, women are more likely to be victims of scammers. In this country, according to sociological studies, in principle, the level of people's trust in strangers is much higher, in addition, there are many lonely, but financially independent and even rich women. In France, male fraudsters are more likely to succeed in communicating with girls, because there are very strong traditions of courting ladies. "In Russia, men are more likely to be victims, but this, unfortunately, does not mean that male fraudsters do not pay attention to girls," Pozdnyakov believes. After all, attackers by and large do not care who to deceive.

As practice shows, men are often carried out on the provocation of fraudsters. Cybersecurity expert Inbar Rat argues that more than 70% of young people without a second thought follow any links that come from pretty girls. Most young people simply do not expect a setup. Nevertheless, everyone needs to follow the safety rules: attackers absolutely do not care who will eventually give them the money.

How to protect yourself from scammers in dating services - tips

The presence of fraudsters in dating services should in no case be a deterrent to users. Experts are sure that any attacker in the application can easily be protected. The most important thing is to always remain alert. Here are some tips to help you minimize all risks when dealing with strangers.

1. Do not communicate with users without a photo

Most popular dating services have protection against fake accounts. For example, in order to get the status of a verified user in Badoo, a person needs to verify the page using a photo. If for some reason your interlocutor decided not to undergo verification, this should raise some suspicions.

In addition, in Badoo, you can request a selfie from an interlocutor, which cannot be replaced with a photo from the Internet or smartphone photo galleries.

2. Ask for a link to other social networks

If it seemed to you that the interlocutor is impersonating someone else, try transferring the communication to other social networks. Invite a potential fraudster to chat on Facebook, VKontakte, or even Skype (or in the Badoo video chat service): a video call will definitely help bring him to clean water.

At the same time, calling a stranger on a regular phone is dangerous. “It is undesirable to use a phone call for confirmation, until you can be sure that the person you are talking to is who he claims to be. He can provide a paid service phone. It’s also undesirable to give your phone number right away, as it may not be used in good faith way."

3. Check the interlocutor for several criteria

Be especially vigilant if your interlocutor tries to put pressure on pity or immediately sets ultimatums for you. Also, the criminals talk a little about themselves, but in a hurry to meet at the appointed place. In addition, the scammers are always too knowledgeable about the details of the work of the place where he calls you.

The most important indicator that a money divorce is taking place is that you have to part with this money for some reason. Before you make a transfer, check whether you can pay on the spot or if there are other alternatives to places or classes, of which you are sure.

If in doubt in the chosen place, try to offer your option. Fraudsters immediately retreat, but a person with good intentions is likely to agree with your initiative.

4. Do not reject the idea that a nice girl or a well-mannered guy is a potential fraud

Even if you are absolutely sure that you can identify a potential fraudster from a single message, and nothing bothers you in communication yet, do not reveal yourself to your interlocutors ahead of time.

Do not give them your phone number, home address, passwords from bank cards, etc. Do not neglect your own safety, because fraudsters are just waiting for this. At a minimum, you can google the photo of the interlocutor - it is possible that it will be from the popular photo bank.

You always need to include a reasonable level of paranoia, because it doesn’t matter if the application is there or not. A simple tip is to not be gullible and understand that you may just be bumped into money. If you are not careful or careful, you can make problems: it’s not important, online or in real life. I don’t see much difference here.

5. Stop the conversation at the slightest doubt.

If your interlocutor follows all the previous safety criteria, but something in the conversation bothers you anyway, be better safe. Fraudsters masterfully know how to hide their intentions to a victorious end. Therefore, in any incomprehensible situation, end the dialogue.

Do not forget, the difficult life situation of your new acquaintance can be solved by the intervention of the police, rescue services or a psychologist at the other end of the telephone line.

We have painted it in bright colors and details, you may get the impression that we have come across such people and precedents many times, but this is not so. Fortunately, such cases are exceptional on our resource, because our team is trying to keep track of users. Sometimes it happens that experts stumble upon the trail of scammers, but they quickly get rid of such people.

Everyone can fall into the cunning hands of a fraudster, no one is safe from this. It is important to include your intuition and observation. If the user seems too ideal for you and tries to please everything, then most likely he is a quack. This should be immediately reported to us.

How to achieve success

Many complain about dating sites in getting bride of your life because they cannot find a suitable person. But sometimes you can make a mistake, not your interlocutor. Let's look at all the aspects that will help you achieve success in searching.

Upload a photo, it is desirable that your collection is replenished from time to time. Photos can tell a lot about a person and help you in finding mail order bride.

Fill out your profile in detail so that you can already see what you are doing, how old you are, and so on. Everything should be extremely honest to let you find a russian bride.

Learn more about your chosen partner: carefully study her profile, maybe something can push you away or, on the contrary, attract you. Finding a bride is a laborious process, you thought differently?

Use search filters to find what you need right away. These filters gonna help you in getting mail order brides and real girl of your dream that you can marry with. We help you in finding the hottest russian bride that will fit all of your requires.

That's all. The rules are extremely simple. Following them, you can find your bride and soulmate much faster.

What you can get by using our service

In the modern world, now it is not necessary to go out somewhere to meet people and find your bride or future husband. The Internet not only provides information about anything, but also makes it possible to find acquaintances with interesting people. Many people find it easier to communicate this way, and this is not surprising: without seeing the person’s face, we somehow open up and trust him more.

Our service will help you find your life partner and get bride, set a new goal in life, teach you to trust people and dating sites, as we have already helped many people find the long-awaited happiness that they so dreamed about. We almost sure that you’ve been dreaming about tall blondie with deep blue eyes, about a hot russian bride.

We have a huge selection of candidates for a mail order bride and companion in your life: different ages, different interests, different goals in life, different fates, different looks. Our catalog will help satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding visitor. Is it real that among hundreds of registered users you can’t find that one and only, the hottest russian bride? Can’t find a bride of your dream?

We built a solid foundation for this site, for a long time we developed the idea of ​​the site, taking into account all the nuances and correcting errors at the initial stage, we have put together a huge catalog of people longing for a serious relationship. Huge work has been done to build what is now available. First of all, we tried for you, to help you find a russian bride.

Convenience, nice picture, wide choice, easy functionality — this is how you can characterize us. Moreover, we work absolutely free: here you will find a bride from Ukraine or Russia just for free without any monthly payments.

Many people shared their enthusiastic reviews, said words of gratitude to our service for helping them in getting brides. Such reviews warm our souls nicely, as we are glad to hear that we were able to make two people happy, helped to find mail order brides and marry in this vast world and to connect their lives. They inspire us to go forward, not stopping at what has been achieved, to constantly improve and continue the main mission - to develop Internet dating in Ukraine and Russia, so that new cells of society are created.