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Cases of fraud on the get-bride online dating service are minimized, but nevertheless no one is protected from this. Therefore, we need feedback from you, users, in order to prevent such cases. For example, if a girl’s profile does not contain photographs and for some reason she repeatedly refuses to send them, this is an occasion to doubt the reliability of the information provided and report this to the support service. Then we will take measures and eliminate this misunderstanding.

Also, when a girl tends to dialogue toward a financial situation, is interested in your income or asks to send her money, in no case do this and be sure to contact us! We will find out her intentions, and in the event of a fraud attempt, we will block her page.

Our bride agency is intended for serious communication and marriage in the future, so if you are told that you are not applying for a serious relationship, also contact us. Such a user will be removed from the platform, as this is not just a chat for easy communication.

In any cases that raise doubts or distrust, write to the support chat! The security system works in order to protect customers from unfair use of the resource to build a serious relationship. Recall that if a girl asks to send her a gift from the site, this is not a case of fraud, as she will not be able to transfer it to any material goods.