Why trust us?

Going to various dating sites, many people ask themselves whether it is worth providing additional information about themselves, because this can turn against them themselves. On the get-bride platform, each registered client accepts the terms of use of the site, which clearly states that the provision of false information is punishable. Moreover, all the information provided undergoes a rigorous verification of the accuracy of the data and the site of the registered person does not appear on the site until it passes the verification. This factor allows you to be confident in providing reliable information for each user and significantly increases the trust of users both to the site itself and to each other.

On many online dating sites there is absolutely no obligation and the motives for communicating with the opposite sex are not clear. People come to the get-bride platform consciously, pursuing the same goal - to find a life partner. We position our brides agency as a platform for searching and building serious relationships, so getting here by accident for any other goals is simply impossible. Of course, this inspires confidence on the part of users with serious intentions. The security service also monitors and suppresses any fraud attempts both by Russian girls and by registered males. Undoubtedly, this is also credible.